15% to 30%
The range in IAP increase for our current partners. This is revenue directly associated with the minigames.
The average
engagement percentage for our slot minigame. Compare this to your average ad CTR.
The percentage of customers who bought more than one IAP through the minigames - repeat sales.

General Questions

  • What is InAppFuel?

    We are the minigame SDK for mobile developers. We allow you to quickly integrate minigames that increase your revenue and engagement, and work seamlessly with your existing virtual currency.
  • What is a minigame?

  • Which minigames are offered?

    Currently, slots and scratch-offs. These are the best monetizing types and a number of other minigames are in the works.
  • Is this product for games or apps?

  • Are there any requirements to integrate?

    Your game or app must have a virtual currency in place. When the user engages with the minigames, the user earns currency within your game or app.
  • What is the revenue impact?

    Our partners are seeing a 15% to 30% increase in In-App Purchase (IAP) transactions. This is revenue that is derived directly from IAPs associated with the minigames and, without InAppFuel, would not exist.
  • Do minigames work for top grossing games?

    Yes. Examples include:
    Zynga Poker: #1 IAP is the “pack of 5 Golden Scratchers.”
    Bejeweled Blitz: #1 IAP is the “Package of 5 Extra Spins.”
    The Simpson’s Tapped Out: #1 IAP is the “Golden Scratch-R.”
  • Is there any negative impact to my existing revenue?

    No. Your existing IAP revenue and advertising revenue stays as is. We simply give you additional IAP products, from which you will generate lots more revenue.
  • How is revenue generated?

    A user receives a certain number of free daily engagements (ie, spins and tickets). The user consumes these free engagements. The user then purchases additional spins and tickets using the minigames’ IAPs.
  • What are the minigame price points?

    We offer a range of five IAP price points from 99 cents (5 spins/tickets) to $29.99 (210 spins/tickets). The pricing shown is automatically converted into the user’s local currency.
  • What is the engagement impact?

    A substantial increase in returning visits, retention, and time spent within your game. Users return to your product more often in order to use their “free daily spin” and “free daily ticket.” They also stay longer.
  • What is the user experience impact?

    When using InAppFuel, the user always stays in your game. It is your decision as to how often you present the minigames and how you choose to trigger them. Possibilities include triggering based on a button tap, hitting a specific zone, or based on a specific event.
  • How much virtual currency do users win?

    We know that your virtual currency is key to your revenue.
    The payouts for free spins and tickets are different from those of paid spins and tickets.
    Free payouts, on average, are very low. Paid payouts are greater but they do not exceed the virtual currency value of your minigame revenue.
    Our algorithms keep the minigame economy profitable.
  • Do the minigames act as a virtual currency sink?

    No. You already have products in your game that act as a sink. We focus on increasing your revenue and getting users to come back more often.
  • What platforms are supported?

    Currently, iOS. Coming soon, Android.
  • What devices are supported?

    The majority of iPhone and iPad devices. More specifically:
    iPhone4 and newer
    iPad2 and newer
  • What device orientations are supported?

    Both portrait and landscape. Depending on the device’s orientation when the minigame is triggered, the correct format will automatically be shown.


Pricing and Reporting

  • What is the cost?

    There is no setup cost or subscription cost. We earn a small revenue share off of the additional IAP revenue that you generate through our minigames. We recognize that each developer is unique and we’ll work with you to structure a win-win partnership.
  • How does the billing work?

    We will be adding credit card billing to our dashboard. But, for now, we will manually bill you after you’ve been paid directly by Apple/Google, based on our agreed upon revenue share.
  • I’m a midsize/large developer. How do we structure a partnership?

    Please sign up and click on Contact Us in the footer. We reply to every email daily.
  • How does the revenue reporting work?

    You will see revenue reporting in two places: your Apple dashboard and your InAppFuel dashboard. The reporting between the two should reconcile in terms of transactions and revenue.
  • How does the engagement reporting work?

    Our dashboard shows you a number of engagement stats. This includes the number of spins/tickets assigned and the number used, broken out by minigame type. You can filter this data in a number of ways.